Some Melmoth 2 pictures from quite a while ago:


An inexpensive, reasonably accurate flight simulator for designers:


Every airfoil on earth:


An interesting and original disquisition on speed-to-fly: Carson.pdf


Dan Raymer's all-purpose aircraft design source:


Do you really want to know more about Melmoth?


A vast anthology of cautionary tales for pilots:


A nice calculator for obtaining TAS from GPS groundspeeds:


Carefully documented work on a Lancair 360:



Miscellaneous YouTube videos of Melmoth 2:


First flight


Getting pushed into hangar (not too interesting, unless you've tried it)


Fowler flap ground operation (my greatest hit, with over 16,000 views the last time I looked)


Landing at Santa Paula


Fowler flap tuft test (the most interesting one, in my opinion)


Horizontal tail tuft test during full-flap landing with forward CG (for specialists)


Whiteman T/O, Santa Paula landing, from inside


Landing gear operation in the air


Trip to Idaho to view the solar eclipse, 2017