DWT - A Windows Executive Utilizing the Cmarc Kernel

DWT (Windows) is a new product from AeroLogic and is a member of the PSW suite of programs. PSW, up until the advent of DWT, has been a digital wind tunnel. PSW produced results similar to what is available from wind tunnel tests, pressure distribution, streamline visualization, forces and moments, wake impingement studies, etc. If PSW is the digital wind tunnel, then DWT is the engineer or technician that is running the wind tunnel and subsequently reducing the data to extract stability information. An example of the initial screen is as follows:


Integral to DWT are standard Windows editor functions. Multiple Cmarc bulk data decks may be opened simultaneously in order to cut and paste among them and in addition standard-printing tools will be familiar to any Windows user. DWT at this time has three main functionalities:

  1. Standard Cmarc functionality
  2. 2D section analyses
  3. Stability

The purpose of this article is to concentrate on the stability analysis capabilities but it will briefly mention the standard Cmarc functionality. All current Cmarc command line arguments can be more conveniently set on a form. In addition single or double precision can be chosen just prior to run time. An example of this form is as follows:

Initial testing shows that DWT is to some degree faster than Cmarc. Output files and capability with Postmarc are unchanged from previous versions. DOS version of Cmarc will continue to be shipped, as DWT is not intended to replace Cmarc, only build on top of it.